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Meet the Owners

We are the new owners of Soodles Bake Shop, Bob and Pokie Maynard, The picture is Bob when he was very young and highly allergic to gluten, egg and citrus fruits.  We are the second chapter of an amazing story.

When we learned of the opportunity to buy the Soodles Bake Shop, indelible memories of personal and family struggles with food allergies moved us to act. We feel very fortunate now to be the owners of the bake shop and are fully committed to sustaining the exceptionally high standards for which the bakery came to be known.

We also are grateful for the extraordinarily warm welcome we are receiving from existing customers and business partners, as well as new customers who’ve found us through friends and web searches.

We look forward to serving you all and hope you will come visit us at the bakery soon.

                                                                 Bob & Pokie Maynard

Company History

Soodles Bake Shop is home of the tastiest allergy friendly Cinnamon Coffee Cake in the universe! Offering a broad palette of additional, equally tasty products from pizza to baked donuts, and everything in between. The bakery is dedicated free of the top 8 food allergens except coconut, giving us the privilege of serving a large portion of the Central Ohio Allergy Community.

We are located at 14 Dillmont Drive, Columbus, OH in the Park Place Center on Route 23 approximately two miles north of the Route 23/I-270 interchange. Please visit our home page and Facebook for hours.

That story began in October 2011, when Amy McCrea founded Soodles Bake Shop to fill the needs of her children, and share the love with others.  The stellar tasty recipes she created, were produced enthusiastically with positive reception from individuals and families with food allergies and sensitivities.  Her vision of owning a small part-time business quickly blossomed into a full-time business thanks to the amazing partnerships that were formed.  Needing to return her focus to home, Amy made the decision to pass on her legacy.

In January of 2016, Bob and Pokie Maynard purchased Soodles Bake Shop to continue the wonderful legacy that was created.  The Maynard's have personal and family experience with serious illness as a result of food allergies and sensitivities.  They saw first-hand how allergy friendly foods can improve and preserve the heath and well-being of food allergy sufferers.

Bob & Pokie look forward to continue growing Soodles and are dedicated to delivering the same high quality products that you have come to appreciate and expect.